Does your house exterior neither look nor feel welcoming anymore? Interior designers notice that a bit of effort goes a long way. The truth is – you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make it more appealing. Get to know 4 game-changing steps that will make your exterior pop.

Outdoor roller blinds

While looking at the whole exterior picture, the house itself is the main part of it. There is nothing appealing about the dark or worn-out facade. Missing some modern accents? Achieve the desired look by choosing professional outdoor roller blinds mounted outside. Experts of the market offer a variety of designs and colours. You’ll be in awe at how many valuable functions automated types of blinds bring.

Fresh greenery

You can go big and hire professionals, or you can just use a few smart tips for beginners. To start with, exterior designers recommend drawing up a little plan. Simply think of the places that you want to accentuate and liven up. Take it a step further by playing with different heights – use standing and hanging planters, also so-called window boxes. It’ll make the whole picture look more complete.

Unique lighting

Well-thought-out lighting will make the exterior more inviting right away. Get some solar power lanterns to form a nice path to the front door, garage, and warehouse. Add even more charm by decorating the terrace with warm light outdoor pendants and vintage string lights.

Small makeovers

Finally, take care of any minor repairs and things that are no longer in use. Clean up the surroundings, plan to power wash the terrace, garage door, facade. There are many small makeovers that can efficiently boost your exterior. Just a few easy steps to start with:

  • Paint the front door and gate
  • Decorate the mailbox
  • Change the doormat
  • Upgrade worn-out house numbers
  • Add a covered entrance

Depending on the style and size of your house, you can look for more charming details to add on. If you’re after more sustainable living, go for the solutions that can last the entire season.

Ready to start a creative journey to a welcoming exterior? Before you do, think of the investments that will enrich the whole picture and add extra functions to the beloved place.