Organization of Furniture Production

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The production process is a set of all processes related to the transformation of raw materials into finished products at the enterprise. The technological process is that part of the production process that is directly related to the change in the size, shape or properties of the recyclable materials. The technological process of production of a product is a set of technological processes of processing individual details, the process of assembling them into products and processing the assembled product.
By quantity of the let out production and character of its release of manufacture are divided into artificial, serial and mass. Artificial, or single, is a production in which the products are made in small quantities, and the repetition of the release of these products is not specifically provided.
Serial is called such production when the products are produced in more or less large batches (batches), and the repetition of batches is anticipated in advance. Depending on the sizes of the let out production batches are subdivided into small-serial, medium-serial and large-serial.
Mass is called the type of production in which products are produced in large quantities continuously and for a long time without changing their design. The most accomplished form of mass production is streaming production, in which jobs are arranged in the order of operations, and the number and productivity of these places are calculated in such a way that ensures the transition of workpieces (or products) from one operation to another without delay and in a certain rhythm.

It is forbidden to release furniture for repair and restoration without strengthening all profile details, restoration of missing details, repair of stolen decorative parts, such as massive carved eaves, etc.

At the restoration of furniture from valuable breeds, it is not allowed to make for it shelves from glued plywood without pasting of an obverse edge by an array or planed plywood and careful tinting of both surfaces of the shelf under the color of the recovered object. It is not allowed to install parts that are treated less carefully than the product You want to buy a mattress in Kyiv. We have the lowest prices.

Stream production can also be subdivided according to the degree of mechanization into the manual flow, flow with a distribution conveyor, a production line with a working conveyor (without removing parts) and an automatic line on which each operation and transportation of parts from one place to another are automated.

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