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Are you interested in learning about pet behavior? How would you like to work with animals every day and love what you do? Become a certified dog trainer and animal behavior expert by attending the Pet Career School at Petropolis!

Becoming a pet behavior expert and dog trainer is not only financially rewarding but also extremely satisfying. Knowing the difference you are making in the lives of animals and their owners is great, and working with animals is just plain fun! If you love dogs and wish you could get paid to play with them, consider a job in pet behavior!

The pet career school at Petropolis has been educating students in pet behavior for almost 2 decades, and is considered one of the best in the nation! Students travel far and wide from around the United States to become dog groomers and trainers at our school, and we would love for you to be next!

Our director of admissions Roxanne is a pet behavior specialist herself and graduated from the Pet Career School at Petropolis as well. She will help guide you through your new career, and choose the program that is right for you!

If you answered yes to the above questions, a career as a groomer or trainer might be just for you!

The pet care field is growing tremendously and offers limitless employment opportunities. Professional groomers and trainers are in high demand and find well-paying jobs, earning well over $40,000 annually.

Imagine working in this great profession in as little as 8 short weeks!

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