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If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning by someone who gives great value without compromising on quality then, get ready for something new and different. Because we guarantee that you’ll get the best carpet cleaning experience you ever had or it’s absolutely free.

Our pricing is simple, transparent and all-inclusive. There will be no confusing discount packages or high-pressure selling. We will carefully explain the whole cleaning process, what you should expect to achieve and leave you with our proposal.

As well as delivering beautiful carpets to make your home sparkle, we work extra hard to make you, personally, feel comfortable and safe when dealing with us. We will carefully listen to and answer any concerns you may have.

Are You Looking for A Carpet Cleaner Because..

  • You have had a bad spell and you’d like to stop it turning into a permanent stain.
  • Your pet had an accident on your carpet and you’re concerned about odors and stains.
  • A family event is near, or you want to spring clean your home for the holidays.
  • You or a member of your family suffers from allergies.
  • Your carpet is wearing out too quickly, and you’d like to make it last longer
  • You’re frustrated with those stubborn stains that never ever come clean.
  • You’ve had a go at carpet yourself. but it doesn’t look, smell or feel fresh.

I ‘d like to say a great big thank you for visiting our page. As you are still browsing, I would like to tell you a bit about myself. So you have a really good notion of who you are actually working with.
I launched carpet cleaning over 16 years ago now to provide a carpet cleaning service for my Commercial Cleaning Company. I did this after looking around for a carpet cleaning subcontractor As I started looking around I asked several of the same questions that you are asking yourself. Such as:

” What is the difference between all of these businesses?”

” Precisely why does this company charge 39 for the entire house, but then this organization charges 59 per room?”

” Is the basic answer that the high priced people are ripping us off? Or is there anything inherently different that justifies the particular pricing?”

I started on a journey to discover the secrets of these big businesses and everything in between! In particular, what truly controls their prices and quality.

First, I signed up for the NCCA as they are our national trade body, so it seemed a good place to start.

As soon as I started to look into it I was smitten. The usual boys’ toys stuff, machines, chemicals, processes, tools, etc. So much so that I opted to create my own carpet cleaning business.

At the outset made a critical business choice. The NCCA training program confirmed that truck mount extraction equipment was the way to go. As our ethos is to offer the best service, then we had to buy the very best equipment. Which is also the most costly!

That choice has definitely proved itself year after year. It has enabled us to transform thousands of carpets and households. Over time have also invested in specialized machinery. Especially low moisture cleaning systems for commercial carpets and some domestic carpets.

A brilliant consequence for me personally has been the opportunity to travel the midlands, meeting fantastic people. From Nantwich to Stoke, Uttoxeter to Buxton, Matlock to Nottingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Derby, Beeston. And the lineup continues to expand.

Essential to our progress has been our location in Burton upon Trent. Through the excellent road system; A38, M42, M6, M1, M5, we’re simply one-hour maximum away from our furthest client. So we can easily deliver brilliant response times.

We are really proud to offer our services through the Midlands

We acknowledge the importance of ensuring that you feel safe and at ease whenever you are dealing with our company.

These days carpet cleaning is certainly a considered investment. So it is essential that you are totally at ease in dealing with our company. We recognize that you are placing your trust in us and our knowledge and guidance. It is only right and proper that you should not have to pay for a service that does not meet your expectations.

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