Dog Shampoo & Grooming Products

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The hygiene of your dog is of great importance not only to its odor but also to its general health – not to mention that nobody likes a smelly dog! In our range of dog shampoo and dog grooming products, you can find everything from conditioners to shampoos to flea sprays, rinses, gels, and odor eliminators.

Our dog shampoo product range consists of the market leaders of the brand in the field, such as Fidos, Aloveen & PAW Blackmores to name a select few.

With respect to dog grooming specifically, which has to do with not only the hygienic care as stated earlier but also the presentation of a dog – we offer a wide range of products from sprays and shampoos or conditioners to make your dog’s coat more resistant to dirt, or even just a great deal shinier.

Some breeds of dog also accumulate ‘tear stains’ from their eye that marks their lower eyes, and can cause infection or just plain discomfort to your pet. With tear stain removers and white and bright shampoos also on offer here, this will be of no concern. With these clever products, your dog grooming skills will be the talk of the town.

From herbal shampoos to aloe vera gels and tea tree oil, after shopping with us at Boomerang for your dog shampoo and dog grooming needs, you will be sure to want to wrap your arms around your beautiful pet due to their scent even more than before.

Pet odor exterminator candles

Specialty Pet Products features our world-famous odor exterminator candles that attack and eliminate pet odor using our amazing enzyme-based formula. Our products are used in thousands of veterinarian offices, pet stores and millions of homes around the world, providing customers with an enjoyable solution to pet odor concerns. Our products are sold exclusively through our network of veterinarian hospitals, pet stores across the USA. Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our products or offerings.

Specialty Pet Products has been manufacturing and distributing odor eliminating Candles, Sprays and Car products for over eleven years. In business since 1999, our mission is to provide quality candles at affordable prices. We make all of our candles in Marshville, North Carolina and are proud of the quality products we produce and sell. We manufacture and distribute millions of odor eliminating products every year and we currently have over four thousand clients in the U.S., Canada, and England that retail our products and offer our unique and effective odor eliminating solutions as a service for their customers.

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