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Compilation of case folding and folding furniture performed using manual, mechanical or pneumatic screw Clamps and special equipment, and manually metropolitan That company kitchen furniture buy luchsheho qualities and sky koy.

Assembly folds or fixtures used for assembly of furniture should have a smooth course and sufficient pressure for a tight fit of all studs, connection. They should be equipped with the equipment – for reliable fixing and direction of details, should not give distortions and clamps To accelerate the bonding process, the vayms are equipped with electric heating.

The clamp for gluing the pilasters to the cabinet door panels is shown in the figure. The panels of the cabinet doors with pilasters mounted on the rails are mounted on the edge 1 so that the profile of the pilasters 2 is included in the corresponding extractions of the lower plate 3 of the vaym. The ridges 4 opposite edges are also located in the corresponding slots of the upper plate 5 vaym. After assembling the assembled doors, the required clamping of all the parts is achieved with three manual handles

Pneumatic clip with electric heaters for veneer edges of boards with two rounded corners. In many businesses, rounded corners are still veneered with screw clamps without heating and require large areas to withstand parts. The use of pneumatic wimps with electric heating (Fig. 232) dramatically increases productivity when performing these operations, reducing technological shutter speeds up to 10-12 minutes. instead of 20-24 hours. and improves the quality of veneer

Vayma is a wooden box 1 with built-in movable clamps, front 2 and two lateral 3. The clamps are moved under the action of sleeves, front 4 and two lateral 5. Outside the body of the vayma is a hose 6. When filled with air, he presses on a busy bar 7, is connected by a fixed plate 8 and thrust 9 with lateral clamps 3. These clamps in turn are connected by a belt with clamp 2.

The thrust makes the tension and the clamping of the heating element 10 to the rounded corners of the veneer surface. The return of the clamps to the starting position is carried out by springs. The veneered surface of the assembly or parts are smeared with K-17 glue and a planed plywood is applied to it. After that, the node is placed in place.

First, from the side I press the front veneer edge, then from the side II through the thrust press rounded corners, and then from the sides III press the sides. The temperature of the heating plates 130-140 °. The value of pressure is 5-7 kg / cm2. Hold time in the pressed state 1.5-3 min

The pneumatic clip for folding benches is mounted on a wooden table. It consists of two channels, large and six small traverses, a pneumatic cylinder, and a crane. For one worker, the stroke of the pneumatic cylinder performs two operations simultaneously; in the first position between the large traverses is the assembly of a whole bench of two parts and two transverse tsar, pre-assembled with snowballs.

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