Garvin’s Invisible Fence Brand By Petsafe And Garvin’s Pet Doors

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Garvin took over the Invisible Fence ® Brand dealership for Tucson in 1998. Many of their customers love the fact that they can protect landscaping and yes, even Desert Tortoise habitats.

The Haggerty was also thrilled that with the Invisible Fence® Brand, they could keep Sally out of the guest bedroom. Tim and Peggy loved to have company and so did Sally, but Sally would ransack the guest bedroom. Invisible Fence® Brand offered indoor as well as outdoor solutions.

Now that the Haggerty’s were beginning to feel like they could trust Sally more, they became interested in giving her more freedom. Sally loved coming inside and going back out, but Peggy and Tim were tired of getting up and down to open the door for her, so the next solution….

Garvin’s Pet Doors

Sally learned to use her dog door right away and the Haggerty’s loved giving her the freedom.

Since the Haggerty’s live on the outskirts of Tucson, and rattlesnakes are a real concern, they decided to attend…….

They had already worked with one trainer who believed that the reason they were having problems with Sally was that Sally thought she was the dominant one in the family. This philosophy, combined with the tactics this particular trainer recommended, did not resolve the situation but rather, made it worse.

Garvin’s Snake Avoidance Training

This is a one-time seminar where dogs learn skills that may save their lives. Peggy and Tim have a piece of mind knowing that Sally is trained to avoid a tragic snake bite.

Haggerty’s story is truly a success story. Garvin’s Pet Plaza represents an integrated group of businesses creating harmony in pet owner’s lives.

Garvin could help make their dreams come true. Step one was to enroll Sally into obedience training. The benefit of obedience training would be to shape Sally into a dog who wanted to be good. Obedience training was also the vehicle they needed to learn how to become good teachers for Sally and establish leadership.

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