Animal Behaviorists Are Trained

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Animal behaviorists are trained in answering what are called “Tinbergen’s Four Questions”:

  • What is the cause of the behavior? What mechanism is underlying it? What “triggered” it just now?
  • How did the behavior develop within the individual’s lifetime?
  • What function or functions does the behavior serve?How did the behavior evolve over time?
    The answers to these questions, regarding your pet or any animal, allows us to create plans for:
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Inter-Dog Aggression
  • Dog-Human Aggression
  • Litter Box Problems
  • House-Training Problems
  • Cat Aggression
  • Phobias
    two dogs sitting in sun “Without Lynn’s help, Bean and I would still be spending every waking moment together – a state she might have preferred to continue but one which often became impractical for me. Several years ago, my beautiful, charming dachshund developed a very persistent and troubling case of separation anxiety after we moved to a new home. She panicked at the first sign of my leaving and would incessantly bark when left alone. Unfortunately, everything I did just seemed to make the problem worse. Fortunately, my dear and trusted friend Lynn came to our rescue. With her patience, knowledge and skills and a bit our persistence, we were able to change both of our behaviors and solve the problem. Thanks to Lynn, when Bean becomes anxious now, I know how to calm rather than escalate her stress, and we are both much happier, not to mention more quiet.”
    – Mary Begley, dog owner

“Lynn Wilson kept me from completely losing my mind when one of my cats started acting out. She not only taught me how to change the new, bad behavior (urinating on electrical cords!!!) but also taught me how to change another horrible behavior that I had learned to live with. It was so stressful to go home after work, not knowing what I would find, until Lynn entered the picture. In just a few weeks, my cat was using the litter box properly and I was no longer afraid to go home. I would recommend Lynn to anyone who has a problem with their pet. She is a miracle worker.”

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