Help for People Who Have Pets With Behavior Problems

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The mission of San Diego Pet Behavior Associates is to provide effective, ethical and humane behavior interventions to improve the quality of life between people and their animals.

There is always a motivation behind pet behavior problems that is often counter-intuitive. The key is to conduct a behavioral assessment to determine the cause of the behavior and then design a personalized behavior plan.

San Diego Pet Behavior Associates provides evaluation, consultation, and, when necessary, direct training with your pet. During your initial evaluation, our professionals will determine the level of support necessary for behavior change and consult with you regarding recommendations. You will decide as a team how to proceed.

Everyone on our team is passionate about animals and has the formal training and experience to produce behavior change that is based on a systematic analysis of the environmental conditions responsible for your pet’s behavior.

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Dr. Lynn Wilson, BCBA-D, has been designing pet behavior plans in San Diego for over 15 years. She is a board-certified behavior analyst with a doctorate in the experimental analysis of behavior from Western Michigan University, one of the best-known universities for that field, completing her dissertation on the effects of environmental enrichment in laboratory rats. She has appeared on local television, testified in animal court cases, and has successfully treated all manner of pet problem behaviors. Her interventions are based on the scientifically validated principles of behavior, and all plans use positive reinforcement. Dr. Wilson strongly believes that our pets teach us just as much as we teach them.

Dr. Steve Meyer is a behavioral psychologist who received his Ph.D. at UCSD under Dr. Edmund Fantino, studying animal and human behavior. Dr. Meyer considers himself fortunate to be 4th in a direct line of instruction from B.F. Skinner; the principles of behavior and their application have become second nature to him. Dr. Meyer has always had great compassion for animals and wishes to better the lives of each animal and family to whom they belong. He learned clicker training when he was 12 years old, and began training dogs on his own through the present day. He has also enjoyed over 10 years of experience in the application of behavior analysis to behavior problems and skill acquisition. Above all, the most important lesson Dr. Meyer has learned is that punishment is completely unnecessary to correct behavior: an environment of positive reinforcement is what leads to lasting behavior change.

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