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I am 100 % certain that you can not build any home-based business without using network marketing tools, why would you want to anyway? Ask any skilled mechanic, carpenter, plumber, home builder, if they would rather use the proper tool for the job or push through with their bare hands I guarantee you each one of them would say the proper tool. The same goes with network marketing, using the proper tools or the right tool for the right job will not only make it easier for you to build your business but will build it faster.

I could not imagine the Internet without email, or a web browser, Google, or any of the new social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. During a recent poll, 1000 people were surveyed on the reasons why they use the Internet. Want to know what most of said? Most of them said that they check their email, check for news and of course the latest weather report. We live in a world where everybody wants things done right now, the instant of coffee, drive-through dinners, faster Internet. No doubt better tools make jobs a lot easier, so what is all this means for you and your home-based business?

Let’s talk about the correct way to market online using network marketing tools. I don’t care what anybody says, you will never be successful or completely own your own business online, without owning your own domain. Domain names are very inexpensive to own, usually only costing around $ 10 a year. Hosting accounts usually run around $ 10 a month. So I would recommend that if you have not already gotten your own domain name, I always recommend this as a starting point for new folks. Owning your own domain name is the same as owning a piece of real estate on the Internet, and is a very powerful network marketing tool.

Squeeze page, or lead capture page is the next tool that you need in your toolbox. Squeeze pages should be simple in design, with only one purpose, to capture someone’s information. That’s it, you should not be selling anything on this page and you certainly shouldn’t be trying to convince somebody why they should give you their email address and name. You need to provide something of value in exchange for their information like a simple e-book or training course. Once that person gives you their information they have basically raised their hand giving you permission to add them to your autoresponder. Now you can begin to build a relationship with a series of emails, not selling but sharing information at you have.

Let’s talk a little bit about campaign tracking. This is a home-based business tool that allows you to keep track of how many people visit your website, enter their information in, and actually click through to your offer. Tracking your advertising is a very important part and should be used whenever your marketing online. It allows you to see in real-time where you can spend the most time or money on a campaign that’s bringing you the most leads. Because let’s face it, that’s all we have is either time or money and you do not want to waste any of it. Here’s a good example. Let’s say you have a couple of classified ads, both are pointing to your squeeze page. You would want to track each ad individually because if one ad is outperforming the other, you would want to take this ad and place it in other parts of the Internet too.

Generic marketing systems usually bundle a package of network marketing tools under one roof. This is very convenient for someone who is trying to build a big business online. The advantage of a system is you could market to a much broader audience than if you’re just advertising a free self replicated page from your company. You should never do this anyway. But be very careful if you’re using a generic marketing system, do not get caught up and forget about your primary business opportunity.

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