Garvin’s Pet Training and Barkin Garvin’s Dog Day Care

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During their initial consultation with a trainer from Garvin’s Pet Training, they learned that with a well-rounded, integrative approach, Garvin’s could help make their dreams come true. Step one was to enroll Sally into obedience training. The benefit of obedience training would be to shape Sally into a dog who wanted to be good. Obedience training was also the vehicle they needed to learn how to become good teachers for Sally and establish leadership. It would give them a sense of control and peace of mind they were lacking.

By their third private lesson, both Peggy and Tim commented that Sally was enjoying her lessons and that their relationship had improved dramatically. After several more private lessons, it was time to begin training Sally in a group class. Sally did love her obedience training, but when she got into a group class, she wanted to play more than work. She was a typical puppy.

Actually, it was one day during group class when Peggy and Tim had an epiphany. Everyone was admiring Luke, a lab puppy that was totally focused on his handler and not the least bit distracted by the other dogs. The instructor asked the class, “Do you know why this dog is doing so well?” Everyone took their chances at guessing, but no one guessed it right. The reason Luke was so calm and doing so well, even with other dogs present, is because Luke went to……

2nd Solution

Barkin Garvin’s Dog Day Care

Tim and Peggy had not taken Sally to Sally at Barkin Garvin’s Dog DaycareDog Day Care since they were both retired and were at home with her most of the day. Once they realized the fact that puppies have a huge need to play with other dogs, they also decided that this would be an excellent way for them to give Sally the exercise she needed. Sally started going to Barkin Garvin’s Dog Day Care the very next day. She was calmer, easier to live with and performed better in class the very next week.

It wasn’t long after that, during a private lesson at their home, that Sally’s instructor learned of another concern. The Haggerty’s also owned several Desert Tortoises. It was springtime now and soon they would be coming out of hibernation. Tim and Peggy knew that Sally would (in play, of course) tip the tortoises over, which could be life-threatening to them. They were very concerned about managing this behavior. One of the solutions the instructor proposed was……

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